AIRPORT free wi-fi

     We provide Public Relations strategy following our sole concession agreement with the Airport of Laos signed in 2016. This has been in place to provide passengers, aviation staff and tenants with Free Wi-Fi and charging tables at all international and domestic terminals (e.g. Wattay International Airport Vientiane Capital & Luang Prabang International Airport Luang Prabang, Lao PDR)

One Click to Connect ™

3 easy steps to connect Free Wi-Fi by using LaoPay application

1. Open “LaoPay” Application
and click “Free Wi-Fi” button

1.Click at homepage

2. Watch 7-15 seconds ads
and Free Wi-Fi is connected

3. Connected

Advertising Portal

We create 2 ways communication (i.e., Marketing Surveys), Official Announcements and Dashboards with powerful and easy-to-understand standard in mind, showing you the response of advertising and analyzing audience views, you can upload your assets (images, headlines, logos, videos, and descriptions) and manage an advertising campaign with us.

Online Survey &
Market Research

We provide an online survey by scanning QR Code on the banner which is placed at Static Signage (i.e., mobile charging station) or any Digital Signage (i.e., mobile, big screen or kiosks). The result will be forwarded to the Advertising Portal for storage in  
our data center.

Airport Solution

The Airport of Laos has its own mobile application for locals and tourists. Users can check flight timetables, book flights and transport, find car parks and passenger guidelines information.

Main Features


Check all flight, book a ticket, and see notification status of your flight 

Lost & Found

To send lost, damage, delayed luggage form

Receive Notification

Updates every minute

Transportation & Car Park

Bus, Shuttle Bus, Car Park, Car Rental, Taxi 

Explore Laos

Tourism guideline 

Food & Drink

Find café and restaurant


Duty Free, Convenience Store, Book Store, Fashion and etc.


Receive vouchers, discount, collect point