Cyan Digital Security is headquartered in Vienna, Austria with its holding company located in Munich, Bavaria – is a security enabler serving over 300 companies worldwide. It has a reputation for being one of the world’s leading IT security experts for over 25 years.

Customer Protection

Administrate and orchestrate users devices and profiles to protect user’ data from common data threats (e.g. phishing attacks, identity theft, etc.) and safety for user’ device (i.e. antivirus) 

Personal Internet Security

Customers data safety (e.g. Phishing attacks, identity theft etc.) and anti-virus protection)

Home Automation

With our network-based solution, all devices are protected within the home network. No matter if the end-users use a fixed line or a mobile router to protect their devices, they can offer an additional mobile layer of security 

Child Protection

Active inhouse or outside to protect children on their device 


Create a comprehensive education system for children by distributing mobile data and broadband internet