Business Management platform

For Hotel, Restaurant, Retail  

POSable is a Retail Tech Company which built Cloud Point of Sale software. Delivering seamlessly integrated software to enterprise partners. They provide a range of services including implementation and integration from single outlet environments to multi-store, multi-geography retail ecosystems regardless business sectors.

Main Features

Inventory Management

☑️  Manage stock across multiple locations and warehouses
☑️   Support multi-channel inventory
☑️   Real-time data

Customer Management

☑️  Protect customer information
☑️  Gift card redeemers
☑️  Autosync POSable POS and e-commerce customer data

Multi-Stores Point of Sale System (POS)

☑️   Manage your catalog centrally
☑️   Collect information
☑️   Run loyalty program
☑️   Reports to uncover the insights that matter in business

Fully Integrated Payment System

☑️    Syncing your payment terminal with POSable
☑️   Accept credit, debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and e-Wallet

E-commerce & Omni-Channel

☑️  Combine online and in-store purchases with an integrated in-store POS and analysis all results

Reporting & Insights

☑️  Track daily sales with register closure summaries and sales history reports
☑️  See stock on hand and inventory levels at a glance
☑️  Stored safely in the cloud