Allows locals and tourists to travel safely across provinces in Laos. Simply register on the Lao StaySafe app and show it to the officer on entry or exit.

Main Features

My Health Passport

Store personal health information necessary
e.g. vaccination certificate, Covid-19 test report

Online Application Form

Register and travel
more convenient via bio-passport 

Location-Based Service

To show and report incident, search location, statistic, news & video,  announcement  and quarantine hotel booking

QR Code

Easily verify your identity by scanning
a QR code which change every 15 minutes 

Tourism Information

Report, Search, Statistic,
News & Video, Announcement


For officer to check
Enter & Exit application and travel approval

Lao StaySafe

Lao StaySafe is an application developed in collaboration between LaoPay Vientiane Sole Co., Ltd. and the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism of Laos (MICT) for travelers and Lao people.

     Before entry or exit Laos, tourists will be required to apply Online Application Form and upload a vaccine Certificate that they must be fully vaccinated and COVID-19 Test Results.

     They don’t need to bring a vaccine certificate with them, because the app has a function to store vaccine information and Covid-19 test report. Open Lao StaySafe and show submit QR Code which changes every 15 minutes in the app to scan at the checkpoint then you can quickly enter to various places. 

     Tourists can also report for incident issues in their area, receive announcements, statistics, news & videos, and quarantine hotel booking in app.

Security Standards

One time password

OTP Verification for New User Login

Dynamic QR code

Dynamic and self-changing QR on mobile app for identity and QR Code protection

Biometric Protection

Unlock app access with password, face recognition or fingerprint scan on mobile phone


Symmetric 256-bit key cryptography with  
data encryption and Algorithm military-grade encryption


Secure and trusted data  with cryptographic protection