Smart life

Super Lifestyle App

E-Wallet application for all spending and matching with people lifestyle, such as scan to pay for products and services on online and offline, Free Wi-Fi connection, receive promotions, discounts, rewards and many cash backs.

Main Features

QR Payment

Scan for making payment

Wallet Top Up

Top up money to LaoPay wallet thru bank account, kiosk, Agent app by LaoPay agent

International Remittance

Transfer anywhere globally with over 150 currencies via partner banks

Mobile Top Up

Online mobile top up

Pay Bill

Pay utility bills, such as water, electricity, Internet and etc.

Virtual Shopping Card

For purchasing products and online services worldwide

In-App Shopping

To put shopping online platform in one application. The convenient way to shop and pay via LaoPay.

Promotion & Reward

For every transaction thru LaoPay application, users will receive point for getting a discounts or rewards from participating stores. 

Our Partner

The partner who believed in us


          LaoPay’s e-wallet can perform online payments, microloans, cross-border money transfers and other IT solutions with data analytics, as well as employing blockchain artificial intelligence for Laotian locals, ex-pats and tourists.  The app connects with the Lao government to provide global tourism services using highly encrypted-data protection security to prevent pandemic diseases and access to national health services 

Security Standards

We protect LaoPay users by using security systems of cyan Digital Security which is the global company who providing cyber security solutions.

One time password

OTP Verification for New User Login

Dynamic QR code

Dynamic and self-changing QR on mobile app for identity and QR Code protection

Biometric Protection

Unlock app access with password, face recognition, or fingerprint scan on mobile phone


Symmetric 256-bit key cryptography with  
data encryption and Algorithm military-grade encryption