We provide a Digital Display Kiosk in a public venue to give people self-service access to products and services of LaoPay (e.g Card Dispenser, Airport PR Plan, Advertising, Directory & Map, Tourist Information and e-Wallet support features. Kiosks are typically placed in retail stores, airports, malls and other places.

Kiosk Mock-up

Kiosk Features

Connect to LaoPay


LaoPay Registration Guideline

Add money to LaoPay E-Wallet


Identity verification LaoPay account


Easy way to buy and add money to Cash card

Other services

About Laos | Navigator Guideline | Free Wi-Fi Instructions | Airport Directory

Cash card


Contactless things offline lifestyle. An alternative to using cash, avoiding misuse of money with easy ways to pay. Money top up of your card via LaoPay or kiosks and deactivation of your card can be done via the app for lost, stolen or inactive cards.

Where to buy: 

  • Kiosk
  • Mini Mart
  • LaoPay Agent

Where to pay: 

  • Local Markets 
  • Mini-Marts 
  • Shopping Malls 
  • Restaurants 
  • Hotels 
  • Movies & Theatres 
  • Buses 
  • Trains 
  • Airports 
  • And More…